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Monday, July 2, 2018

Book Review - Sarai in the Spotlight

Sarai in the Spotlight

About the Book

When Sarai's best friend suddenly moves away, Sarai has to navigate school -- and the unfriendly girls in the cafeteria -- all by herself. Then, new girl Christina moves to town and the teacher volunteers Sarai to show her around. But Sarai thinks Christina is not at all like her--she never wants to play at recess, she's always got her head in a notebook and she's so shy! But when Christina writes Sarai a spoken-word poem for her to recite at the class talent show, Sarai learns that sometimes winning teams are made from unlikely pairs!

Inspired by the life of viral video sensation and social activist Sarai Gonzalez with the help of award-winning children's book author Monica Brown.

My Take on the Book
Sarai is back and this time she makes a new friend when her best friend moves away. This book explores what you have to do to deal with hard situations and how you can gain new friends when you lose a friend as well. The new girl that Sarai meets is different from her in many ways, but they comes to find that difference is not a bad thing and that in the end it may be the differences that keep you together for years to come. This was a great book that intertwines powerful messages of friendship and more. This is a great book for the Sarai series of books!

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