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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Book Review - Munchem Academy: The Girl Who Knew Even More

Munchem Academy: The Girl Who Knew Even More

About the Book
Spring has come to Munchem Academy. The snow is melting, the roof is leaking, and Mr. Larimore is now in charge. Mattie is worried, though. Mr. Larimore is taking the whole "let's help Headmaster Rooney get back on his feet" thing seriously, and he's whispering all sorts of suggestions to the highly suggestible Rooney.

Then there's the matter of the school's weather. It's getting . . . strange. Mini-tornados sweep up out of nowhere. Rain pours inside. And there was that snowstorm-that yellow snowstorm-that lasted for two days.

Once Mattie, Caroline, and Eliot figure out what's causing the chaos (the Weather-matic 9000), who's causing the chaos (Mr. Larimore), and why it's a chaotic an idea (weather weapons!), they need to act. Fast.

There's only one thing to do: save Mr. Larimore-and the world-from Mr. Larimore. It's a tall order for a short kid, but Mattie has a plan. After all, what's a little breaking and entering among friends?

My Take on the Book
This is an action-packed fun ride through a very cool world with amazing characters that you will really appreciate (I know that I did). There are some twists and turns but in the end you will love the characters and the dynamics between the characters. I know that I loved the villains, weapons and more and how the characters work together to find out who is causing the problems and how they can stop this too! This is a book that offers you a fun ride!

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