Dad of Divas' Reviews: Rice's Lucky Clover Honey Offers Smooth Unfiltered Goodness

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Rice's Lucky Clover Honey Offers Smooth Unfiltered Goodness

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About the Company
L.R. Rice founded Rice’s Lucky Clover Honey LLC, headquartered in Greeley, Colorado, in 1924. This women-owned, family operated company, now in its 5th generation, remains a leading producer of authentic, high quality, raw, and unfiltered honey. The company’s honey is 100% pure, local United States, raw and unfiltered honey.

When the company first began in 1924, the family worked bee yards, extracted honey, filled and labeled glass jars, then sold products door to door in Northern Colorado. Since that time, Rice’s Lucky Clover Honey has established and nurtured long-standing relationships with beekeeper families throughout the United States. This allows for quality U.S. honey to be packed in every bottle of Rice’s Lucky Clover Honey. Our customized filling process and system ensures the natural pollen and enzymes of the raw honey remain in every bottle.

Rice’s Lucky Clover Honey has generated significant brand equity through its commitment to producing high quality, premium, raw, and unfiltered honey at affordable prices.

My Take on the Honey
I love to use honey in my baking as well as on baked goods, however there is a BIG difference in the quality of honey that is on the market today. Rice's Lucky Clover Honey is a brand that is bringing amazing flavor and smooth unfiltered goodness to anything that you want to make. I found that this honey was truly smooth, sweet and sumptious.I have tried other honey in the past, but this by far has been the best!

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