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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Book Review - The Pinkaboos: Belladonna and the Nightmare Academy

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About the Book
Best friends Bitterly, Belladonna and Abyssma are back for more fun and bravery in this exciting second installment of the award-winning "Pinkaboos" book series.

This time, Belladonna must scare away ghosts haunting a little girl's dreams, while a new fright named Wither struggles at Fright School. Things get complicated when Vex, the school bully, gets involved. Belladonna and her fellow Pinkaboos have to be braver than ever when they uncover Vex's super secret plot.

My Take on the Book
This is a chapter book . The authors certainly have great imaginations in creating the characters who attend Fright School and the ones who attend the Nightmare Academy. The theme of the book is there are good creatures at Fright Academy who enter children's dreams and scare away their nightmares. They assist the children in getting over their fears. However the other faction at Nightmare Academy are the creatures who cause the nightmares and scare children.

Belladonna and her friends set out desperately trying to help Ava, a little girl , who is afraid of ghosts. She has reoccurring nightmares. The frightful Vex is causing the nightmares to occur.

The story details how Belladonna and her friends must have courage and work together to successfully help Ava and remove Vex and her nightmare cohorts.

At the end of the book the authors have added additional biographies of the main characters. There are a few art projects and a project to make a bat house too.

This is an imaginative and interesting chapter book for children.
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