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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Book Review - Stripes The Tiger

Stripes The Tiger
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About the Book
Stripes is the biggest, strongest, fiercest hunter in the jungle . . . well, actually that's what Stripes would like to be. Stripes is a small tabby cat. Young and rambunctious, he challenges his owner at every turn -- seriously testing his owner's patience. He tears up the couch, he chases the dog, and he wreaks havoc everywhere. Finally, his owner has had enough! He takes Stripes to the zoo to see a real tiger. But both Stripes and his owner are in for a surprise, proving that things are not always as they seem, and most importantly, you should always follow your internal roar (or purr) . . . however loud or soft it may be.

My Take on the Book
Your young child will enjoy this humorous story abut a striped cat who wanted to be a tiger. The cat did everything to appear to become a tiger and finally its owner , who was tired of this charade, took him to the zoo to meet a real tiger. The ending is so cute and so funny. It will make you smile. It is truly a surprise what happens at the end of the story.

Your child will see the determination and courage of the striped cat to follow its dream. One never knows what will happen if you follow your dream.

Benegere Delaporte's illustrations show perfectly how the striped cat tries to become a tiger.

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