Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - Happy Halloween, Stinky Face

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Book Review - Happy Halloween, Stinky Face

Happy Halloween, Stinky Face

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About the Book
A Stinky Face Halloween--now in board book!

"Mama, what if Mrs. Petry doesn't know it's really just me at her door? What if she gets so surprised from my super-scary costume that she throws her candy bowl up and it lands on her head and candy spills all over?"

It's almost time to go trick-or-treating, but first Stinky Face has just a few questions for Mama. As always, Mama lovingly addresses each and every one of her child's concerns. A sweet and reassuring Halloween tale from Lisa McCourt and Cyd Moore!

My Take on the Book
Children of all ages often have a lot of questions they ask their parents or other adults. Stinky Face's mother shows great patience as she answers each of her child's serious questions about Halloween and trick or treating with his friends. 

The story shows the creativity of Stinky Face and the thinking behind his questions about Halloween and his friends.

The story is humorous and any young child will enjoy the story and parents will delight in the answers by a smart and patient mother. 

It looks like Stinky Face and his friends will enjoy a Halloween full of fun in this story.
You will enjoy the detailed and delightful illustrations by Cyd Moore too.
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