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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Book Review - Gods, Heroes, and Monsters

Gods, Heroes, and Monsters

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About the Book
This action-packed guide to ancient Greek mythology is filled with profiles of the most amazing characters, as well as brilliant images, fascinating facts, and riveting storytelling. Lavish CGI artworks recreate the most dramatic scenes from famous Greek myths, while incredible artifacts from the ancient Greek period are taken out from "behind the glass."

Journey back to Mount Olympus

Young readers will discover the stories of the gods and Mount Olympus itself, while they learn about artifacts that offer historical context to the mythology. Gods, Heroes, and Monsters takes readers on a tour of discovery in which the legendary creatures, epic battles, and heroic deeds of Greek mythology come alive.

A riveting introduction to Greek mythology

This engrossing book is the perfect way to introduce (or rediscover) all the stories of the gods of Olympus, the Odyssey, the Trojan Wars, and the adventures of heroes such as Perseus and Heracles. From fates and furies to the Minotaur and Medusa, this book will stir every imagination. (Ages 10 and up)

My Take on the Book
Selene Nicholaides sets the stage for the reader with an introduction about her life and her father who was a curator of a museum. In the museum he had artifacts which were apparently stolen from Greece. In the years she grew up, she found her father became very uneasy about the artifacts and hid them away until she found the box after her father's passing and sent the artifacts back to Greece.

This introduction is important because her book illustrates many artifacts found and are placed in museums. There are illustrations of the artifacts, great structures built by the ancient Greeks, stories/myths about gods, heroes who killed monsters, and the power that people thought these beings had. The stories have been told and retold for generations.

The author writes an excellent book. She gives the reader the history of the Greeks, includes information about the Olympian gods, and explains how the myths became an important part of the people's lives.

These myths were told because the people needed a way to explain events. The art work produced has a direct relationship to the stories. The stories are engaging to the reader.

One of the pages illustrates the god called Apollo. He was important because people felt he was responsible for sun, healing, music and truth. Today you can still see parts of a temple built to Apollo in Delphi. It is considered a very sacred site in ancient Greece.

I found this book very interesting to read. It is quite evident the author has done an amazing amount of research for her book.
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