Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - Cool & Calm Coloring for Kids: Fabulous Animals

Monday, June 20, 2016

Book Review - Cool & Calm Coloring for Kids: Fabulous Animals

Cool & Calm Coloring for Kids: Fabulous Animals

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About the Book
Kids these days are so busy running from school to extracurricular activities that they can easily get overscheduled and overwhelmed. That's what so great about the Cool and Calm Coloring for Kids series. Inspired by kindergarten teachers' use of art therapy for 'quiet time' in class, this brilliant new series helps children relax, focus, express themselves, and create something beautiful. With Fabulous Animals,, young colorists will enjoy a large variety of animal pictures, including soaring butterflies, slithering lizards, majestic giraffes, underwater creatures, and more. Gorgeous illustrations with colored backgrounds guide the children through each wonderful design. Thick paper keeps their best efforts from bleeding through and ruining the other side, while detachable pages let them pull out their favorites and hang them up for all to see. It's perfect for a quiet afterschool activity, to keep them busy before dinner, or anytime they need to unwind.

My Take on the Book
This is a great book that had a ton of great pictures within it that are wonderfully illustrated. The pictures are easily detached and with the illustrations that are in this you have the ability to create some very unique images that can be given as artwork to many!

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