Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - Desmond Pucket and the Cloverfield Junior High Carnival of Horrors

Friday, February 12, 2016

Book Review - Desmond Pucket and the Cloverfield Junior High Carnival of Horrors

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About the Book
When we last saw Desmond Pucket, he was fresh from rescuing a bus full of monsters from the now defunct amusement park ride The Mountain Full of Monsters. But in all the chaos of the monster rescue, Desmond never stopped to think what he was going to do with all of these scary props.

But if there's one thing Desmond always has, it's ideas for making monster magic!

Join Desmond and his posse of pranksters as they create their greatest show yet: The Cloverfield Junior High Carnival of Horrors!
My Take on the Book
Mark Tatulli introduces you to Desmond and his 7th grade friends. Desmond likes monsters and scaring people . He proposes to create a carnival of horrors but meets opposition from Principal Needles. Through a devious night time act, Principal Needles agrees and Desmond begins his planning.

So the reader may think Desmond is self centered and is only planning the carnival for his own purpose. Here is where the author shows you another side of Desmond. He and his friends want to save the school librarian's job. Yes, there is a purpose in the carnival now and they want to win.

There are surprises, challenges, lost rubber monsters, laughter and a lot of fun for the reader. The author inserts illustrations with funny captions that really add to the text so make sure you read each one. Mark Tatulli is very creative.

I believe your upper elementary or early middle school child will enjoy reading this story.

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