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Monday, February 15, 2016

Book Review - Baffling & Bizarre Inventions

Baffling & Bizarre Inventions

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About the Book
A talking watch. An overcoat for two people. A pair of training pants for poodles. In his companion to Weird & Wacky Inventions, Jim Murphy shows kids some additional baffling and utterly silly inventions in the form of a guessing game that is both challenging and fun. What is a finger-supporting device used for? Did the talking watch ever become available for sale in stores? What on earth is a beard grinder?

Now for the first time in paperback, with full-color illustrations throughout, Baffling & Bizarre Inventions offers a glimpse into the life of inventors—both good and bad! Whether it’s a device for shaping the upper lip or a life preserver for horses, this parade of unusual inventions is a real treat for trivia lovers, budding artists, and any kid who has an interest in science and inventions.

My Take on the Book
Jim Murphy has written two books about inventions. The inventions he wrote about were actually created and the individuals who made them thought they would solve a problem. However when you read each book , you will realize the inventions were never truly used . Sometimes an invention , even though not used after its concept is produced, may inspire someone else to produce a different invention that becomes part of our everyday lives.

The book had an interesting format. The author had a short description about the invention with an accompanying illustration. Under the illustration were choices for the reader to read and then select which answer could be the purpose of the invention. The reader turns the page and there is the correct response with further details of the invention. It is fun to see if you can select the correct answer.

A few of the inventions from the books are the following:
  • There was a machine that could make a dimple on your cheek. It would last a few hours.
  • A portable bathtub was invented. You filled it up with water, stepped into it and zipped it up to your neck.
  • Another person made training pants for dogs were not housebroken.
  • A machine was invented to look like a woman so a man could have a dance partner.
  • A man created a device you attached to a baby's crib that would gently pat a baby to sleep.

These two book were interesting and fun to read.

*I received this for review - all opinions are my own*

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