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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Book Review - The Technology of Basketball

The Technology of Basketball

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About the Book
The game of basketball has come a long way from James Naismiths soccer ball and peach baskets. From high-tech shoes to an in-game player tracking system, technology has become a regular on the basketball court. Slam dunk your way to the latest advancements in The Technology of Basketball.

My Take on the Book
This book is one of four in the series that give the reader facts about the technology that is currently being used in sports. The technology has changed the way players train, how the games are precisely watched and evaluated, and the attention given to the health of the players.

I felt the book was quite interesting to read. I learned some behind the scenes methods that technology is preparing the players to train more efficiently. The coaches and trainers seem to have a better understanding of the game and the men/women who are instrumental in playing the game.

There are instruments that check the heart rate of players. The cameras during the game enable the referees/officials to view a playback in the event of a difficult decision. There are even basketballs with a special circuit inside that send messages to a computer about the way a basketball player is handling the ball. Of course much much more information in this factual book.

If you enjoy sports I think you will enjoy not only reading the facts about the technology but viewing the photographs that accompany the text.
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