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Monday, December 14, 2015

Book Review - Sherlock, Lupin & Me: The Soprano's Last Song

Sherlock, Lupin & Me: The Soprano's Last Song
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About the Book
Irene Adler, Sherlock Holmes, and Arsène Lupin planned to reunite in London, England, for their second adventure together . . . but Lupin doesn't show up. His father, Théophraste, has been arrested for the kidnapping of a famous opera singer and the murder of a secretary to the great composer, Giuseppe Barzini! The three intrepid detectives start a full investigation to clear Théophraste's name and rescue the missing soprano, Ophelia Merridew, only to discover that the singer is being held captive by criminals in the deadly district of Bethnal Green. Join Irene and her friends in their twist-filled bid to solve the mystery of The Soprano's Last Song.

My Take on the Book
Another great Sherlock Holmes story that will grab your attention. Best of all was the group of characters that the author has put together and kept together through these books. The book had a number of twists and turns and with that in mind you will stay having fun from beginning to end. Whether you have read other books from the series or not this was a fun read for all!

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