Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - The Conscious Parent's Guide To ADHD

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Book Review - The Conscious Parent's Guide To ADHD

The Conscious Parent's Guide To ADHD

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About the Book
An integrative method for helping children focus and learn!

If your child has been given a diagnosis of ADHD, you may be feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next. With The Conscious Parent's Guide to ADHD, you will learn how to take a relationship-centered approach to parenting that engages your child and ensures that he succeeds behaviorally, socially, and cognitively. Conscious parenting is about being present with your child and taking the time to understand how to help him flourish. By practicing this mindful method, you can support your child emotionally and help nurture his development.

With this all-in-one guide, you can create a plan that not only addresses the challenges a child with ADHD faces, but also creates a mindful, less stressful atmosphere for the whole family.

You'll be able to:
  • Honor your child's unique learning style
  • Adapt a conscious parenting philosophy that works for everyone
  • Understand treatment options and weigh the pros and cons of medication
  • Lower stress levels for the entire family, including other siblings
  • Learn how a mindful approach can be combined with other treatments
  • Help your child focus at home and school
  • Focus on your child's strengths as well as weaknesses
  • Encourage your child to achieve his goals

When both you and your child are more mindful and relaxed, your child can learn to focus, gain independence, and thrive both in school and out.

My Take on the Book
This book had so much information for any parent that has a child with ADHD. I am so impressed with how thorough this book was. As a father of a daughter with ADHD, when she was first diagnosed, there were so many questions that we had and a book like this would have been so appreciated. The way that the author shares information was so informative. I loved all of sections, especially the practical tips and ideas shared throughout the book. This is a treasure trove of great information for all parents!

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