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Friday, August 14, 2015

Book Review - Mina's White Canvas

Mina's White Canvas
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About the Book
When young artist Mina looks up at the cold winter sky, she is struck with an idea. And as she draws with her crayon, something magical begins. Her canvas expands to the snowy world beyond -- a world in which Mina uses her creativity to help others, forge new friendships, and make memories to warm the heart for seasons to come.

About the Author
Hyeon-Ju Lee is a young author and illustrator from Korea who brims with talent. This is her debut children's picture book, for which she garnered an Opera Prima Mention for the Bologna Ragazzi Award 2012, an honor given to new authors and illustrators for the ''best designed book'' worldwide.

My Take on the Book
This is a creative story about a little girl using her imagination on a gray winter day. Mina, the little girl, goes out into the day with her magic crayon to find various animals to help. For example: Mina helps a woodpecker who cannot fly by drawing a ladder to the tree where he is perched. Mina meets a frog who cannot come out to play because his feet will get cold, so she draws him some fuzzy socks. Each animal is helped because of her magic crayon.

It is a story of new friendships. It is a story of being a friend and helping your new friends. It is a story of creative problem solving.

Hyeon- Ju Lee's illustrations are delicate and beautiful.

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