Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - Mariella Mystery Investigates The Disappearance of Diana Dumpling

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Book Review - Mariella Mystery Investigates The Disappearance of Diana Dumpling

Mariella Mystery Investigates The Disappearance of Diana Dumpling
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About the Book
Mariella Mystery is back, and in this seventh installment of the bestselling series, she's on a quest to save…LUNCH! No mysterious mystery or perplexing problem is too hot to handle for this super sleuth-y youngster and her gal pals. Mariella writes down clues as she investigates, and the most telling observations and drawings line the pages of her journals. It's the perfect recipe for cracking cases, and that's good--because she'll need a heaping helping of them when beloved lunch lady, Diana Dumpling, suddenly vanishes from the school kitchens. Can Mariella and the Mystery Girls find Diana, save their school lunches--and get to the bottom of this kitchen nightmare? Kids who enjoyed Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Dork Diaries, and Clarice Bean books will be hooked by this charming detective--and they won't want to miss any of her exciting escapades.

My Take on the Book
Kate Pankhurst has written a delightful mystery story for elementary age children. The story format is similar to a journal with entries written by the young girl Mariella. Your child will enjoy the humor and antics of the three girls who are best friends and do everything together.

The mystery involves the disappearance of Diana Dumpling, the lunch lady. As the girls try to discover why Diana is no longer working at their school, there is intrigue, wearing disguises, and catching people lying. The girls find themselves in some challenging situations and must problem solve.

The mystery is not solved until the end of the story. The story will keep the reader engaged and there are many illustrations added within the text.

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