Dad of Divas' Reviews: Make Easter Fun With Hide 'em & Hatch 'em eggs

Monday, March 18, 2013

Make Easter Fun With Hide 'em & Hatch 'em eggs

About the Product
Easter Eggs - Hide 'Em and Hatch 'Em Eggs - Watch Them Hatch Like Magic Three Different Pets! Easter Egg Hunts have never been like this. These magical eggs really hatch! Once found, simply place them in water and within 24 hours, they will start to crack. Soon thereafter will pop out a special growing pet. A Baby Chick, Duck, or Rabbit will delight your young one and make for a very special pet they can treasure year round. Brand New for 2013 and an Exclusive. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Place Eggs in water. Within 24 hours your egg will begin to crack. Each day, replace water. The pet will continue to grow, out of its shell. You may help the pet out, but it will keep growing up to 10x its size with or without your help. When the pet hatches, rinse the pet off as it will be slippery, and either play with it, or place it back in clean water and watch it daily continue to grow.

How to Hatch Them!

  1. Place the eggs in ROOM TEMPERATURE water (this is critical to the grow process!) Make sure the eggs are completely submerged.
  2. In 6 - 12 hours you will see small cracks in the shell. At this point you can help your little friend out by cracking the shell (just like a mamma might need to do for her hatchling) or you can change the water and let it continue to grow.
  3. You will notice the water (and the baby) will be slippery. This is the material that allows it to grow - it is necessary to change the water so your new friend can grow completely.
  4. Continue to change the water daily until your animal hatches on its own or until the animal is done growing.
  5. Enjoy your new friend - Once removed from the water shrinkage will probably occur but the animal will harden and is fun to play with!

My Take on the Product
These were fun eggs that allow your kids to have something to look forward to this Easter! While my kids have different levels of patience, they were both very excited to see what would emerge from the eggs themselves, and I was impressed to find that the animals within were very cute! The process does take time though as you can see in the above picture, so you will have to help your kids not rush the process or they will not fully grow as they should. As I mentioned above in the instructions you definitely want to make sure that you change the water every day and sharing this responsibility with your kids can be all part of the fun and can build the anticipation especially as you start to see cracks forming within the egg itself. All-in-all this was a fun addition to our family routine and a unique gift to consider for your kids this Easter as well!

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