Dad of Divas' Reviews: Revolutionizing Reading - New Series of Multi-Sensory iBooks Takes Learning to New Levels

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Revolutionizing Reading - New Series of Multi-Sensory iBooks Takes Learning to New Levels

Classic literature has a lot to teach us, but over the years the genre and the method of teaching it has developed a reputation for being unapproachable and, well, a bit… intimidating. At the same time, tablet technology has greatly developed and has earned a valuable spot in the classroom, providing many benefits to both students and instructors. Providence eLearning now proudly brings together the classics that are required reading with the latest iPad technology to allow students to engage in a fun, memorable, and multi-sensory learning experience.

Available as highly interactive iBooks for the iPad, Providence eLearning’s current collection includes an educational series of British literature titles including Macbeth, Beowulf, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, The Poetry of William Blake, Frankenstein, and Sonnets. Far beyond your typical eBook, each iBook is designed to make the classic come alive with narration and video lectures by top scholars, interactive glossaries and dictionaries, and quizzes to spark engagement and encourage classroom discussion. Instead of skipping through parts of the book or just “getting through” each page, students are now able to appreciate the rich content as they interact with the story itself. With recent studies showing the many benefits of digitally interactive learning, including higher retention rate, students come to the classroom prepared while teachers value the opportunity for increased participation and enthusiasm.

“Our interactive iBooks have truly carved out a niche as the best source for learning literature,” says Cole Mathisen, eLearning Coordinator at Providence eLearning. “The narrators are top educators who are passionate about their material. We combine their literary expertise with technical expertise to create the ultimate comprehensive and interactive learning experience.”

Providence eLearning iBooks offer:

  • A revolutionary “flipped” classroom experience, where the student is able to engage with the material at home and participate in classroom discussion
  • Valuable learning techniques including immersion in literary masterpieces through audio narration, video lectures, and quizzes
  • Proven benefits for learners, including increased retention rate and engagement inspired by the interactive nature of the learning
  • Advantages for all types of learners, including visual, auditory, read-write and kinesthetic, as well as those with learning disabilities
  • A powerful educational tool that harnesses the latest tablet technology

With clear benefits for students, educators, parents and anyone looking to enhance their understanding of the reading, Providence eLearning iBooks blend the treasured classics with the latest technology for a truly unique multi-sensory learning experience. Keep an eye out for their upcoming titles, including The Romantics, Pride and Prejudice, Arthur, The Confessions of St. Augustine, and companions to C.S. Lewis’s works.

The mission of Providence eLearning is to produce interactive and engaging eLearning content that emulates the experience of the classroom, providing an enhanced experience to the reader. Based in Plymouth, Minnesota, Providence eLearning has set a new standard for the industry. Using the latest tools and technology available and pushing production to the limits to provide the most engaging learning environment outside of the conventional classroom, Providence eLearning has become an innovator in the eLearning industry.

The Providence eLearning team includes some of the top educators in the United States along with skilled professionals from the television, advertising and graphic design industries. All Providence eLearning products include audio, video, and review questions designed to reach all students at any secondary school level or above regardless of their varied learning styles.


Providence eLearning iBooks can be purchased exclusively through the Apple iBookstore through the iBooks app

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