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Friday, October 2, 2009

Product Review - MedSafe

I recently became aware of a new product that is a great idea for any parents out there. Michael Rebando, a Long Island locksmith of two decades, experienced a near-tragic incident in which his four-year-old niece was rushed to the hospital after unknowingly consuming over-the-counter medication accidentally left on the kitchen counter.

From this almost tragedy, Mr. Rebando did hiw own research and began development of a safe that can be used to safeguard our kids from the medicines that we may have in our homes.

The product fits easily into most medicine cabinets and holds up to 15 bottles of prescription medicine. This product features 19,500 changeable combinations and is a great tool in keeping potentially harmful meds out of the hands of children. The MedSafe also can be easily affixed to the inside of any medicine cabinet with four self-tapping screws included with each unit, and can also be stored in a dresser drawer, kitchen cabinet or closet shelf.

I was impressed to find that a portion of each unit sold will support teen prescription drug abuse awareness programs through non-profits such as D.A.R.E. The product is presently available at for $49.95, and will soon be available in retail outlets nationwide.

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