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Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Site Captures Mom's Wisdom

I was recently asked to take a peek at a new site that is geared for mothers of children of all ages. The site itself states that:

Mamapedia™ is...
  • For mothers with kids of all ages
  • Questions by moms, answered by moms who’ve been there
  • Over a million answers on everything from Acne to Zoos
  • Easily searchable and browsable
  • Updated daily
  • 100% free

The site focusses on things from keeping your kids healthy through cold and flu season, to Halloween preparation tips, has all your answers. This great new website allows you tap into the wisdom of other parents to get inside scoop! is a unique website that gives parents access to answers from other moms and dads. You can type a question/topic into the search engine and find similar questions posted by other parents to get help you get the answer you are looking for. All the answer are provided by other parents themselves, so your getting great info from people who have experience it first hand! The site is completely free and very user friendly. You can even look up questions asked in your own area!

Mamapedia gives moms everywhere the power to ask any question and get 'the real scoop' from millions of other mothers. From common parenting problems such as potty training and sibling rivalry to personal mom issues like weight loss and breastfeeding, Mamapedia offers wisdom and advice without judgment.

The site also tracks live top searches (what's hot on the minds of moms right now?) and makes it easy for any mom to find the answers she's looking for - no registration required.

Founder and father of two, Artie Wu says "There is enormous pressure on moms to be constantly on top of everything and to "do everything right" -- to be "SuperMom", all the time. Mamapedia supports moms in a way that no other resource can -- the honest advice and wisdom of millions of other moms, on your specific issue or question, without any judgment and no strings attached."

On Mamapedia, each question posed by a mom is given a box highlight of how many answers have been provided by other mothers. Then, mom can read through all the feedback for the answer that makes the most sense for her and her family.

Current topics cover talking to kids about sex, issues with step families, saving for college and other economy issues, and even city specific things-to-do.

My Take on This

This site does tackle some hard topics and allows moms (in general) to get the help they need by asking questions of other moms and learn from "resident experts" who are moms like themselves. The only drawback for me (as a Dad) is that it would be great to have differing viewpoints form fathers and mothers. I know that this may not fit into the overall scheme of the site, but I think it would be great to have diversity in this respect.

The one piece that makes this site stand out is that the site is focused on the opinions of mothers and the questions and content comes from the members. Instead of having staff who are writing answers, readers are relying on the expertise of other moms like themselves. Fresh and refreshing approach!

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