Dad of Divas' Reviews: REVIEW of James Lehman's Total Transformation DISC 3 "Breaking Through"

Saturday, January 15, 2011

REVIEW of James Lehman's Total Transformation DISC 3 "Breaking Through"

Lesson 3 of the Total Transformation Program explains Culture and Accountability in a family. It is mutual and therefore both parent and child will take responsibility and accountability of their own actions and words. Building a great culture is not easy but by doing this you allow for an aura and environment of love and responsibility to show up in your home. By doing this you are able to then deal with and solve other issues especially with children that are struggling with behavioral issues such as oppositional defiant disorder, misbehavior, obnoxiousness, ADD/ADHD, disrespectfulness, lying and even anger issues.

James Lehman, in this lesson, explains that parents must build a culture in the family that says "This is how I'm going to talk to you and this is how you have to talk to me". "This is what I'm going to expect from you and this is what you can expect from me." While I would love this in my own home, I know that I have a little ways to go before we are there, which is one reason I liked this CD!

This CD also tries to explain that both parents and children have differing roles and responsibilities within the home. Parents must pay the rent and provide food and shelter for their family while children must do their school work and behave appropriately. This CD talks about accountability and how children need to be able to learn to be accountable for their own things, actions and talk appropriately, solve their problem without hurting other people in any way.

This CD also gets into being responsbile in the love that we show our children. Lehman talks about how there is a difference between love their child 'unconditionally' and allowing our children to be responsible for their actions. What Lehman hopes no parents will do is step in and complete tasks for their child, as this will not assist the child in their own development.

In a culture of love, Lehman describes that the culture should be:

"I love you and that's why I'm not going to do your homework for you".

"I love you and that's why I'm going to teach you how to do it".

As with many parents I love my children unconditionally, but helping them to learn and grow is very important and something that I know that I have to help my children with as a father as they get older.

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