Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - The Patron Thief of Bread

Monday, May 23, 2022

Book Review - The Patron Thief of Bread

The Patron Thief of Bread

About the Book

A beautifully crafted middle-grade novel spiced with magic—and gargoyles!—from the acclaimed author of Hour of the Bees and Race to the Bottom of the Sea.

Fished from the river as an infant and raised by a roving band of street urchins who call themselves the Crowns, eight-year-old Duck keeps her head down and her mouth shut. It’s a rollicking life, always thieving, always on the run—until the ragtag Crowns infiltrate an abandoned cathedral in the city of Odierne and decide to set down roots. It’s all part of the bold new plan hatched by the Crowns’ fearless leader, Gnat: one of their very own will pose as an apprentice to the local baker, relieving Master Griselde of bread and coin to fill the bellies and line the pockets of all the Crowns. But no sooner is Duck apprenticed to the kindly Griselde than Duck’s allegiances start to blur. Who is she really—a Crown or an apprentice baker? And who does she want to be? Meanwhile, high above the streets of Odierne, on the roof of the unfinished cathedral, an old and ugly gargoyle grows weary of waiting to fulfill his own destiny—to watch and protect. Told in alternating viewpoints, this exquisite novel evokes a timeless tale of love, self-discovery, and what it means to be rescued.

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My Take on the Book
I found this book to be very interesting. As you read through this you get the viewpoints from numerous characters which is not something you usually see in a book. The characters you hear from are a duck and a gargoyle at the top of a cathedral. Both of these characters are fun and you will find that you connect with them throughout the book in very different ways. The characters are definitely different, but complement each other. As I was reading through the book, I found myself wanting to read page after page as I got lost in the pages of the book itself. The book was fun, engaging and entertaining and through the book you are drawn into the world through vivid imagery and prose that envelopes you throughout. This is a great book I recommend to all!

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