Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - The Gifts That Bind Us

Monday, May 23, 2022

Book Review - The Gifts That Bind Us

The Gifts That Bind Us

About the Book

Magic-sensitive Maeve and her friends face off against an insidious threat to their school and their city in this spellbinding sequel to All Our Hidden Gifts.

It’s senior year, and Maeve and her friends are practicing and strengthening their mystical powers, while Maeve’s new relationship with Roe is exhilarating. But as Roe’s rock star dreams start to take shape, and Fiona and Lily make plans for faraway colleges, Maeve, who struggles in school, worries about life without them—will she be selling incense here in Kilbeg, Ireland, until she’s fifty? Alarm bells sound for the coven when the Children of Brigid, a right-wing religious organization, quickly gains influence throughout the city—and when its charismatic front man starts visiting Maeve in her dreams. When Maeve’s power starts to wane, the friends realize that all the local magic is being drained—or rather, stolen. With lines increasingly blurred between friend and foe, the supernatural and the psychological, Maeve and the others must band together to protect the place, and the people, they love. A thrilling sequel to All Our Hidden Gifts.

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My Take on the Book
This was the type of book that really grabs you from the very beginning and you want to keep reading, page after page until you are complete. The book has great characters and a mix of magic and realism that allows you to easily connect to the story itself. This is a great sequel to the first book. While it would help to read the first book first, you could still read this and enjoy it, even without the context of the initial book. The author really paints a great picture of a teenage world that may be new, while making it familiar all the same.

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