Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - Digital Goddess: The Unfiltered Lessons of a Female Entrepreneur

Monday, May 10, 2021

Book Review - Digital Goddess: The Unfiltered Lessons of a Female Entrepreneur

Digital Goddess: The Unfiltered Lessons of a Female Entrepreneur

About the Book
With women leading only twenty-four Fortune 500 companies, female founders receiving only 2.2 percent of US venture capital, and the continued presence of sexual harassment and double standards, the gender gap continues to hinder the advancement of women in the professional world.

In Digital Goddess, Montgomery-Brown—founder of Big Think, a collection of experts across all fields and disciplines that are either at the top of their field or disrupting it, shares her story in an entertaining and educational light. Told from the unique, female entrepreneurial perspective that unpacks all the hurdles other female founders may face in their own journey to the top, Montgomery-Brown shares the real-world lessons she’s learned along the way, such as:

  • Never lie to your investors, even when you just got arrested.
  • Raising money is a poker game—learn how to play.
  • The power and money still lie with men. Pretending it’s not that way, or being angry about it, won’t lead to success.
  • Your relationship with your co-founder is like a second marriage, so forget about keeping the personal out of the workplace.
  • The more authentic you are, and the more fun you have, the better your experience will be.
  • This book is about dealing with the way things are, even when you don’t like it, and being yourself, even when it seems like a drawback. It’s about sucking it up, making the hard choices, and dealing with the consequences.

It’s about being honest no matter what is going down. Victoria’s been called “the anti-Elizabeth Holmes,” for a good reason—unlike the ill-fated Theranos CEO, she’s transparent with her investors even when she fears they will walk away.

Digital Goddess is a story for entrepreneurial women at any stage of life who want to know what it actually takes to build a business in a world that’s not always fair, predictable, or politically correct.

My Take on the Book
If you have a daughter that dreams of being an entrepreneur, this book will give you a unique insight into what it takes for a woman to start and run a business in today's society. The author is wide open and shares herself completely with the reader including the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur. The amazing part of the book is the lessons and practical knowledge that she shares that you can put into practice immediately. This is an amazing book that you will want to read and then share with your own daughters. 

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