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Monday, August 26, 2019

Book Review - Rose Coffin

Rose Coffin

About the Book
A startlingly original magical adventure that gives the phrase "unlikely hero" a whole new meaning.

Rose Coffin can't win. She's teased for her secondhand clothes. She's teased for blushing all the time. And she's teased for slipping into song at inopportune moments, though that's the only thing that keeps her panic at bay.

After a particularly mortifying incident, Rose escapes to the woods where she's captured by a group of otherworldly creatures. They take her to Eppersett-a magical, eerily beautiful place where cemeteries are full of dead dreams, moving castles roll along on tracks, and most shocking of all . . . people seem to love Rose at first sight. They tell her that she's "the one they've been waiting for. The one who's going to save them." An evil force called the Abomination is on the loose, and there's only one thing powerful enough to stop it-her voice.

There's just one catch. Rose hasn't been brought to Eppersett to fight the Abomination.

She's going to be sacrificed to it. She's the chosen one all right . . . the one who's been chosen to die.

In this startlingly original fantasy, M.P. Kozlowsky takes readers on a journey like no other-an adventure that'll transform everything you thought you knew about friendship, love, and the true power of finding your voice.

My Take on the Book
This was such a fun story that brings together magic, fantasy and more while following the growth of Rose as she has to fight for her life but also goes through a fight to find herself. This is definitely a coming of age book, while she is learning about a new world, and fighting to stay alive. This was a book that really moves, and you will be wanting to see what comes next, as I know that I did! This is a book that really flies as you read through it and in the end I was wanting more of these great characters!

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