Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - You Can Be a Winning Writer: The 4 C’s Approach of Successful Authors

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Book Review - You Can Be a Winning Writer: The 4 C’s Approach of Successful Authors

You Can Be a Winning Writer: The 4 C’s Approach of Successful Authors

About the Book
Learn the keys to successful authorship from a pro: Joan Gelfand, author of You Can Be a Winning Writer, has been teaching her 4 C’s approach to creative writing and successful authorship to aspiring authors at book festivals and writer’s conferences for the past decade. She has taught her 4 C’s method to college professors, CEOs, doctors, ghostwriters, poets, and playwrights throughout the United States; helping them realize their publishing dreams.

A publishing guide to writing success: From first draft to building a reputation, the 4 C’s provides solid tips on how to build a literary community and a fan base. But, successful authorship does not stop with mastering craft, commitment, and even building a community. Confidence is key, and Joan tackles this sensitive subject that keeps writers unpublished and manuscripts in the drawer. With the help of Renate Stendhal, PhD, Joan defines clear steps to overcoming the lack-of-confidence demon.

The perfect gift for writers: With a splash of humor, a dose of empathy, and plenty of support, Joan Gelfand includes real life anecdotes from famous and not so famous, but successful authors. You Can Be a Winning Writer is the go-to book for writers just starting out, for writers stalled after their first or second book, and for students. Joan’s 4 C’s wisdom and stories will inspire and encourage.

My Take on the Book
As someone that has written a book in the past, I know the amount of work that it takes to write a book that is worth reading. This book is filled with resources for anyone writing a book and on top of this the author really works to help you better understand what you need to do to to manage social media,the publishing industry and so much more.If you have any interest in publishing a book this will walk you step-by-step through what you need to be able to do just that!  I wish that I had this when I published my first book!

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