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Thursday, July 4, 2019

Book Review - Monster Club: Hunters for Hire

Monster Club: Hunters for Hire

About the Book

There is only one thing seventh graders Tommy Wainwright, Colleen "Spike" Hernandez, and Karim Khalil want to do -- go on adventures and catch monsters! And in a world where monsters -- big and small -- roam, someone has to keep these creatures in check, right? Luckily, this is the iPhone era, and that means anyone can use the brand-new app, AppVenture ("It's like Uber for monster-slaying!"), to hire their very own adventurer to stop the beasts.

So when Tommy, Spike, and Karim find a way to become registered "Independent Adventure Contractors" for the new app, they couldn't be more thrilled. At first, being full-fledged adventurers is a blast. But when the trio embark on their second quest, they stumble upon a secret: It seems AppVenture has been releasing monsters into the wild in order to generate more business. Now the three friends find themselves on the run from a venture-backed startup that will do anything to make sure our heroes don't live to reveal the truth...

My Take on the Book
What a great book. The book itself is fun because it is one that is filled with Monsters, but there were great characters as well. My daughter and I loved seeing the incorporation of technology with monster hunting. While this is not our own world there were many parts where my daughter said that she would love to hunt monsters as well and I can see why she would say that. It was a fun book and one I would recommend to all!

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