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Saturday, December 22, 2018

Book Review - Peanuts: A Scanimation Book

Peanuts: A Scanimation Book

About the Book

Good grief, the gang’s all here! Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, Schroeder, Sally, and, of course, Snoopy―these cherished characters from the most popular comic strip of all time meet the magic of Scanimation.

Ten memorable scenes―in clear and colorful Scanimations, with smooth-flowing, detailed images―are brought to life in the book, each accompanied by the inspiring words of wisdom from Charles M. Schulz that make PEANUTS so special. Charlie Brown runs to launch his kite, with the caption “Sometimes there are things you just can’t resist doing.” Snoopy does his happy dance: “To dance is to live.” Lucy skips rope: “Life is more than just lying around.” Plus Schroeder plays the piano, Snoopy battles the Red Baron, Sally dances with Linus, and Charlie Brown tries to kick―and of course, as he will for all eternity, misses―the football.

PEANUTS is one of the most beloved and best-known brands of all time. Every day over 45 million people read the strip; its animated specials have aired on television for the past fifty years (growing in popularity―A Charlie Brown Christmas was the highest-rated prime time special in 2012); it has millions of Facebook fans; and in 2015, to celebrate the 65th anniversary of PEANUTS, 20th Century Fox will release a 3D animated movie.

And now, Scanimation. It’s PEANUTS―funny and wise and beloved, forever a part of our lives―like you’ve never seen before.

My Take on the Book
If you are a fan of Peanuts comics and their characters you will love this book. As a scanimation book with every page you will see a scene from The Peanuts and by slightly tilting the book the image will become alive. Also on each page is a quote from the scene. There did not seem to be any cohesion to why images were next to one another, but for me it was great to be able to see the images come alive and great to see the Peanuts characters in a whole new light.

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