Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - Mindfulness for Kids: 30 Fun Activities to Stay Calm, Happy, and In Control

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Book Review - Mindfulness for Kids: 30 Fun Activities to Stay Calm, Happy, and In Control

Mindfulness for Kids: 30 Fun Activities to Stay Calm, Happy, and In Control

About the Book
Mindfulness for Kids offers fun activities for kids ages 6-12 to stay cool, happy, and present with mindfulness.

Homework horrors, chores, and not-so-friendly friends―that’s enough to make any kid’s brain hurt. The secret to staying cool is easy: it’s called mindfulness―and this book gives kids fun activities to practice it on their own.

Mindfulness for Kids applies mindfulness exercises to stories and real-life scenarios that kids go through at home, school, and with friends. Shared through the voices of five children: Jasmine, Willow, Kayli, Colby, and Zeke, Mindfulness for Kids is an engaging, kid-friendly guide for handling tough situations and powerful emotions mindfully.

From using belly breathing to help with panic before a presentation to actively listening to siblings, Mindfulness for Kids addresses the everyday challenges that kids face with:

  • Mindfulness 101 that teaches kids what mindfulness is, and how they can be mindful of their emotions and senses.
  • Relatable, real-life scenarios that kids encounter at home, school, and with friends.
  • 30 Fun exercises that show kids how tricks like a gratitude list, “counting to calm”, and even yoga poses can help them relax and feel better from not-so-nice feelings.
  • Mindfulness is a kind of superpower we all have but don’t know how to use. In this book, kids will learn how to use this power to feel good about themselves and the world around them through activities and stories told by kids, for kids.

My Take on the Book
This book is filled with great stories that will help your kids to better understand what mindfulness is and what it can do for them. The book introduces kids and parents to how they can better understand their emotions and reactions to life as well as what they can do to better control their reactions as well. I liked how the book examined mindfulness in locations where kids reside, home, school and with friends. This made sense to me as a parent and it also made sense for my daughter as well. We read through this together and we both learned a ton. I have already seen some of the tangible outcomes of this as my daughter seems to not be as quick to react as she was before reading and learning from this book. This is a great book that will truly help you and your kids!

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