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Friday, November 23, 2018

Book Review - The Ice Garden

The Ice Garden

About the Book
Jess is allergic to the sun.

She longs to be like normal children, to have friends whom she can play outdoors with. But her days are split between tutors and doctors appointments

One night, she sneaks out. And there, just beyond the empty playground she's longed  to visit, she discovers a beautiful impossibility - a magical garden made completely of ice. A place that shields the sun and allows her to be free.

The Ice Garden is an absorbing debut about the  transformation  of fear and loneliness through a bit of reliance and the healing power of friendship.

My Take on the Book
This is a great book that lets you meet a very good character, Jess who has some severe allergies where she is allergic to the sun. The allergy is so severe she has to completely cover up from top to bottom so that her skin is completely covered.

The book was a ton of fun to read and you get lost in the story from beginning to end. Jess sneaks out at night, but the book never really shows how she sleeps, but that was the only part of the story that did not match up. Other than this though I found the story to be a fun book.

While there are light-hearted moments there is also depth in the diagnosis that Jess lives with and even in the boy that Jess meets that may never wake up.

All-in-all though this is a book that you will simply love no matter what your age.

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