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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Book Review - Visual Explorers: Machines

About the Book
Dramatic, full-color photographs take children on a visual exploration unlike all others!

The books in the Visual Explorers reference series feature page after page of incredible photographs that will engage, inspire, and enlighten young readers. Inside the pages of Machines, kids will get an up-close look at the world of monster excavators, Mach 9.6 jets, deep-space probes, microscopic nanobots, and more. They'll even learn about the many ways these incredible, innovative creations have impacted our world. Engaging text, detailed facts, and impressive statistics give children exciting scientific insight into the world around them and the universe beyond. A glossary at the end of each book helps reinforce the information. Parents, teachers, and librarians will want to collect all of the books in this series to create a very cool first encyclopedia.

My Take on the Book
As you read this nonfiction book, I think you will be in awe of the progress we have made since the first tools were created from rocks.This book takes you through the history of tools and machines that humans use in their lives. You will see machines like the washing machine for example and then read about drones and more complicated inventions like artificial limbs. I marveled at the creativity and problem solving skills of the people who invented these tools and machines in this book. There are excellent photos and detailed drawings in each section.
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