Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - Super Fun Science: With Cool and Challenging Experiments

Friday, August 11, 2017

Book Review - Super Fun Science: With Cool and Challenging Experiments

Super Fun Science: With Cool and Challenging Experiments

About the Book
Help kids become “little scientists” with this hands-on book!

The world is an amazing place, and children often have lots of questions about it. Tap into that amazing well of curiosity and teach children about different areas of scientific study; famous scientists; the tools they need to conduct experiments; how science impacts their world; and more. They’ll also learn the how’s and whys of energy, gravity, weight, light, and matter. Make a scale, bend light, trap gas, and more. Soon, kids will prove scientific facts for themselves by testing them out with these challenging experiments created especially for them. How cool!

My Take on the Book
I am always looking for awesome experiments to do with my own daughters and this book really allows you to become your own home scientist and allow your kids to learn and have fun too. The book has a large number of experiments that kids can do with you to explore so many different concepts. I loved how well the book was laid out as well as how well the experiments are explained. My daughters enjoyed doing the experiments that we tried and I enjoyed having the time to be able to do these experiments together! This is a great book that will encourage you to build strong communication and relationships which is always a good thing!

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