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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Book Review - The Handbook

The Handbook

About the Book
There's nothing Jake likes more than some good trash-picking, so when his elderly neighbors move out and leave an especially promising-looking pile of household refuse on the curb, he goes right for it. He only has the chance to grab one box before his mom catches him and orders him in for dinner, though.

When mysterious goings-on begin to occur in the neighborhood, the trio investigates the hidden box from Jack's garage. In it, they find the Secret Parent's Handbook and with it all the means to subvert the irrational rules and petty tyranny of their home lives. No more clean rooms! No more vegetables! No more brushed hair or washed hands! It's all videogames and junk food all the time!

But the authorities -- and the resistance -- have taken notice of the strange goings-on in Jack and his friends' neighborhood. And they are closing in . . .

My Take on the Book
The chapter book has an interesting story line of three friends and their families as they encounter the rules of their parents and try to survive being 12 and it is summer, a summer of lots of free time and too many rules. Jack finds a book called THE SECRET PARENTS HANDBOOK in Mr. Wallace's garbage. The three friends realize that this is a book their parents use on them with advice for "controlling" children. The three friends realize they can use the book to change their parents behavior and this is where their adventure begins. They meet the challenges of their parents and a secret group who administer consequence to adults and children to do not conform using the book. As Maggie fools everyone with her intelligence and the friends convince their parents to join them in destroying the secret group, everyone decides that loving your children is the best way to live your life.
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