Dad of Divas' Reviews: Getting close and personal with the one you love

Friday, November 4, 2016

Getting close and personal with the one you love

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I know I do not talk a lot about your intimate relationship with your spouse, but this is still something that as a parent you do have to deal with. That being said, depending on who you are and the type of intimate relationship that you have, sometimes you want to spice it up a bit.

Recently I learned about a new product that is geared toward men, but it also has applicability for women too. I thought I would share it with you today.

Hot Octopuss , the brand name behind the invention of the world's first ever 'Guybrator' launched it's hero toy, PULSE back in 2014 with a slightly tongue in cheek, albeit insightful, video to explain The Evolution of Masturbation.

This year marked the launch of the brand's latest collection, featuring an upgraded version of the original 'Guybrator', PULSE III SOLO, along with a revolutionary couples' toy, PULSE III DUO and is the first toy of its kind on the market to feature independently controlled, dual motors. Cool, hey?

Want to learn some more tips for getting the best out of PULSE:

So, what lies beyond? Hot Octopuss has successfully led the way in bringing male masturbation in to the 21st century, and plans to continue it's innovative run with a few more buzz-tastic products in the pipeline for 2016.

I saw one of these and in person they are small and made of soft, pliable rubber, but as mentioned there are ways for both men and women to enjoy the experience of this product because of the overall design.

This is definitely an innovative product for men and in regards to the intimate relationship of both partners, it will bring in a new dimension of intimacy for everyone too.

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