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Sunday, August 14, 2016

CD Review - Kidz Bop 32

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About the CD
A high energy CD from Kidz Bop that has the following songs:

  1. Cake By The Ocean
  2. No
  3. My House
  4. Love Yourself
  5. Don't Let Me Down
  6. Work
  7. Never Forget You
  8. Out of the Woods
  9. Hide Away
  10. One Call Away
  11. Just Like Fire
  12. Stressed Out
  13. 7 Years
  14. One Dance
  15. Life of the Party

My Take on the CD
Another great CD by the energetic kids of Kidz bop. My kids are big fans of Kidz Bop and have been for years. The great thing about this CD is that there are so many amazing songs that are popular and current. My daughters were excited to see that Lake by the Ocean, Stressed Out and 7 Years were on this CD. They also really liked the new song that was released on this CD - Life of the Party and they were even more excited to hear the song at the recent Kidz Bop Live concert that we attended.

If you have never heard Kidz Bop music before you should as the songs are very energetic and even with the new lyrics the songs are amazing and they make well known songs very kid friendly. The kids of Kidz Bop also have amazing voices and their energy and passion is contagious.

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