Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - The Scribble Squad in the Weird Wild West

Monday, August 29, 2016

Book Review - The Scribble Squad in the Weird Wild West

The Scribble Squad in the Weird Wild West

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About the Book
The Scribble Squad is quick on the draw — drawing art, that is!

Best friends Rumpus, Tai, Phil, and Phlox are thrilled for the chance to make their first real mural, but when they fall into the world of their own epic painting, they suddenly have to face down the piranha-pistol-packing Wildhares, cattlefish stampedes, and buzzing battlebees of their own creation. Even if they survive, how will they ever find their way back home?

Giddyup with the Scribble Squad as they ride into a very weird, very wild Old West!

* With over a hundred full-color illustrations by nationally renowned street artist Donald "Scribe" Ross

My Take on the Book
This chapter book for a girl or boy tells the story of four best friends, Rumpus, Tai, and Phil and Phlox. They have an opportunity to paint a mural on Duncan's Plumbing Supply and Services. The animal friends love to paint. As they get ready to paint Rumpus's Grandfather who owns the store brings them a special paint they use to paint the mural.

This is where the fun and fantasy begin! They paint a mural of the wild west and in doing so use their creativity to create animals. As the mural comes alive the friends become engulfed in many adventures. Some seem dangerous.

The story illustrates how the friends cooperate while they are painting and then once they become part of the adventure in the wild west to help each other. Your child will find the story engaging and interesting. The illustrations are wonderful as they fit the unusual story perfectly.

At the back of the book, the author have included nonfiction facts about the wild west. The reader will learn about famous people like Wyatt Earp, Jessie James, Wild Bill and more. The authors include information about the animals who lived on the prairie and what the landscape was like.

I found the story enjoyable to read and it kept my attention. I really liked the nonfiction information too.
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