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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Book Review - Infinite Exposure

About the Book On the road to a bleaker future, is there still a chance to get it right? In Infinite Exposure, author Roland Hughes synthesizes historical information with stories ripped from the headlines, drawing a line from the chaos following the terrorist attacks of 9/11 to a bleak future that will end America’s ride as a superpower following the largest terrorist strike the financial world will ever see.  Hughes envisions a different kind of 2012 disaster, with the fallout from the fictional attack leading to complete financial collapse, nuclear war, anarchy, and devastation, deftly interweaving various plots and subplots from a “good Muslim” who accidentally became embroiled in a terrorist scheme and corruption to black market organ sales, alerting the world to the very possible consequences of their actions.

Hughes’ work is “intended to be a wakeup call for both an industry and a country,” illustrating the possible ramifications of outsourcing IT jobs, leaving credit card information and other valuable information susceptible to the temptation of greed, as workers who are not governed by the FDIC and other regulatory bodies have access to our information.  In a community known as “carders,” groups of ten identities are being sold for ten to fifty dollars, a market that, in the hands of terrorists, would allow them to stockpile C4, RPGs, and professionally manufactured land mines to launch an offensive against America.  At what cost will all of these cost-saving off-shoring measures eventually come?

Infinite Exposure reads like an exciting thriller, telling the tale of terrorists—both accidental and malicious, interrogations, al-Qaeda, and subverted plots; however, as readers get swept away by Hughes’ fast-paced story, it is important to bear in mind the factual and realistic basis for this thriller.  Ultimately, readers must ask themselves if there is a way to avoid a future in which this story is no longer merely a heart-racing page-turner—but a reality?

My Take on the Book
This book was an amazing book that was both intriguing and engaging. I found that I could not put it down once I got into it. I will say that the book does make you think and to process what you are reading, but for me that is a good thing as it keeps me on my toes and makes me stay nimble as I am reading and processing the story itself.

What I liked about the story was how real, raw and full of detail the book was. You are transported into a world not too different than our own with scenarios that you can imagine also. The book makes you wonder, what would happen if many of the incidents that occur in this story came to pass in real life, and many of the answers that come forward are not easy ones to comprehend. 

As I mentioned, this book will make you think, thus I cannot say it was a fast read, though as I did mention, it was a compelling one and it did push me to continue to find out what happens next and how the story ultimately concludes!

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