Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - Dr. Hackenbush Gets a Job

Monday, April 19, 2010

Book Review - Dr. Hackenbush Gets a Job

About the Book
Finally, the book for anyone who’s ever worked in an office when they’d rather be making art. The book for anyone who’s ever worked with an artist making ends meet between gigs. And the book for anyone who remembers the Reagan years with more rage than fondness.

Set in 1988, Mabel Hackenbush is between gigs, her baritone ukulele smashed, and her car in the shop, she is bravely temp secretarying her way to a kinder, gentler, not to mention, solvent life until she can get back to her real work as a jazz standards singer.

My Take on the Book
I didn't know what to expect in this book when I was asked to review this book. I found the ook to be a very quick read and while it was not one that I would call an all time favorite, there were parts where did feel very connected with the characters. But there are other parts in the book where I felt that it was a bit disjointed and took a bit more effort for me to get into the entire reading of the book. 

I plan to pass this on to a friend to read and we will see if they have a different experience in reading the book itself. What I would say is definitely give it a shot, you may find it to be a great book for you!
If this book sounds like one that you would like for your own collection you can find it on Amazon!

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