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Monday, September 28, 2009

Book Review - The Well-Behaved Child

I will admit it, we have a challenging 5 year old. We have read many books, and tried many things, but we still have problems with her behavior. J-Mom and I work hard to remain consistent, but overall, consistency with Diva-J does not always seem to work. When I was asked to review this book, I was definitely excited and hopeful for a chance to find some new answers, tactics and techniques that may allow J-Mom and I to be a bit less frustrated and allow the whole family to be having fun together at all times!

In reading this book, I was not disappointed. The author lays out his methodology first (even though you want to skip to the meat of the book), which was good, as it truly debunks many of the parenting skills that we think we should do to go back to some of the skills that we more in place back in the 1950's. Further into the book is where the authors lays out his system. Through practical and real life examples he allows parents to see how easy it can be to take control of their parenting as well as allowing the child to take control of their behavior.

Some of the sections in this book include:

* Essential Discipline Principles
* Essential Discipline Tools
* Perplexing Problems and Simple Solutions
* Not Your Everyday Problems
* General Questions and Answers  

Does this work, I am not totally for certain, but I will admit that I look forward to trying to skills learned in this "workshop in a book."

I would recommend this book to anyone with a strong willed child, whether 3 or 11. You will not be disappointed! You can find this on both Amazon and at the Thomas Nelson site.

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