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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Book Review - She Still Calls Me Daddy

As a father of two girls I definitely do not want to rush anything! My girls are still quite young and I have a lot of time until I have to deal with the issues that are brought up in Robert Wolgemuth's book She Still Calls Me Daddy.

Though this is true I will cherish the concepts in this book and know that down the road I will definitely come back and review it (it is not a one time read for me). The book covers seven main areas: Protection, Conversation, Affection, Discipline, Laughter, Faith, and Conduct, and takes a building up approach to raising and letting go of your daughters.

I enjoyed the way that the author intertwined his own experience with advice to other fathers as it made the read not only enjoyable but also fast. Some of the tips that he gives on dating are ones that I know that I will have to revisit in the years to come (though I am not thinking about that just yet - I'm in denial). I also enjoyed the builders checklist at the end of each chapter as it made the chapters tangible and provided me with some great hands on ideas for helping my girls as they get to be a bit older. Most dads will also enjoy the analogy that the author uses in relation to home renovation, it makes the topics relevant to any type of dad out there!

Overall, I would recommend this book for anyone who is either getting ready to let his daughters go, or will someday have to give his daughters away. It also can be a great gift for a father of daughters as well. It is a book worth reading!

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