Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - My Ultimate Super Hero Manual

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Book Review - My Ultimate Super Hero Manual

My Ultimate Super Hero Manual

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About the Book
Think you have what it takes to be a Marvel Super Hero? Read this book for tips, tricks, and much more from your favorite Marvel Super Heroes. You'll start by figuring out your awesome origin and powers: bit by a radioactive spider? Easy. Walk into a mysterious mist and now you're a shapeshifter? Check. Then you'll have to figure out your costume, your headquarters, your allies, and your enemies! Don't worry, there are checkpoints along the way, plus quizzes, how-to's, and do-it-yourself activities! Once you have everything in place, it will be time for some astonishing adventures! What are you waiting for? Let's get your Super Hero career started!

My Take on the Book
As someone that is a BIG super hero fan as well as someone that grew up on Marvel comics this book was amazing. I actually would have wished that this had been available when I was growing up. The book really allows you to explore the powers that you would want to have, as well as learn more about some of your favorite super heroes too. I love how this book walks you through every step of creating your own super identity as it really allows you to let your creativity soar!

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