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Monday, October 21, 2013

DVD Review - Lifetime Holiday 4-Film Collection

Lifetime Holiday 4-Film Collection
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About the DVD
Tis’ the season for holiday cheer when the Lifetime® Holiday 4-Film Collection arrives on DVD October 15 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. Four of Lifetime’s top-rated holiday classics are available for the first time on DVD in one festive gift-set. Enjoy the merry winter season with The Christmas Consultant, Holiday Spin, The March Sisters at Christmas and Holly’s Holiday. A must-have stocking stuffer for the gift-giving season, the Lifetime Holiday 4-Film Collection will be available for the affordable retail price of $19.98. This delightful Christmas package of Lifetime® Original Movies has everything you could wish for, including:

The Christmas Consultant
David Hasselhoff (TV’s “Baywatch”) brings in the merry as a sought-after consultant hired by a workaholic mother to get her family through the holidays. When Christmas and family collide and the consultant takes over, they are in for a holiday season they’ll never forget.

Holiday Spin
Ralph Macchio (The Karate Kid) stars in a heartwarming story of a former dance champion and his estranged son. Watch as they overcome their differences and work together to prepare a dance routine for the Christmas Eve ballroom competition.

The March Sisters at Christmas
Starring Julie Marie Berman (TV’s “General Hospital”), this contemporary take on the novel Little Women follows the legendary sisters as they fight to save their home and search for love during the holidays.

Holly’s Holiday
Claire Coffee (TV’s “Grimm”) plays an advertising executive who is strangely attracted to the handsome mannequin in the holiday window. After she is knocked unconscious by a falling icicle, he comes to life as the man of her dreams – until she learns that his personality is still plastic.

My Take on the DVD
This delightful collection of new holiday movies arrived in time for a weekend of watching movies. These are original movies brought to the public through the collection.

The four movies as mentioned above were titled: THE CHRISTMAS CONSULTANT, HOLIDAY SPIN, THE MARCH SISTERS AT CHRISTMAS, AND HOLLY'S HOLIDAY. The various topics of each one I found interesting and entertaining too.

I will review two of the movies in this report.

The first one is THE CHRISTMAS CONSULTANT starring David Hasseloff and Caroline Rhea. Caroline's character is under a lot of stress: moving her family to a new location, a new job, the holidays are just around the corner, and not only are family members arriving but her boss insists on a Christmas party in which a new client will attend. David 's character comes to the rescue with decorating the house, baking, getting everyone involved in Christmas, and basically taking over the holiday. As the family enjoys Christmas ,Caroline's character feels even more stress until she shows her anger and frustration.

The movie reminds us how our family and love for our family are the most important aspects of the holiday. Spending time with our family and friends is builds more memories than all the glitter and sparkle, the gifts and the fancy decorations.

The second movie was THE MARCH SISTERS AT CHRISTMAS. This movie is a contemporary take on LITTLE WOMEN. The sisters find our that their parents want to downsize to a smaller home and they move out. The sisters are determined to renovate their childhood home.

By sticking together, working side by side, and finding others who will help with their huge undertaking, they complete their renovation in time for Christmas. In between the work on the house the women have their careers to explore, there are some complications with men they love, and they find joy and happiness with each other in spite of their individual differences which is of course what makes a family so interesting.

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