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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Book Review - Super Schnoz and the Gates of Smell

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About the Book
Andy Whiffler is your average eleven-year-old boy. . . except that his nose is so big he can use it to fly and his sense of smell is a hundred thousand times stronger than any human. In the first book of this hilarious new series, Andy moves to a new school and is instantly picked on because of the size of his nose. But when his classmates discover how powerful his nose is, they decide he is more of a comic book hero than a nerd. One day Andy's school is shut down due to toxic gasses. Andy discovers that it's all a secret plot for an evil corporation called the ECU (Environmental Clean Up) to take over the world. Andy and his friends decide that this is a job for Super Schnoz, Andy's alter-ego. The rag-tag group of kids team up to take on the ECU and ensure school gets back in session (otherwise summer vacation will be ruined!).

My Take on the Book
This is such a humorous series! The main character is close to the same age as my eldest daughter and I think she likes the series as much as she does because she can relate to some of the things that he has to go through as a child today. While she definitely is not teased as the main character is, she can still relate and she enjoys it because of that. Also, she loves the super nose powers that he has...I mean who would not want super powers right?

The book was a fun read and the characters are definitely memorable! As my daughter is in third grade, she thought this was a fun book and said that she would highly encourage other kids from her grade "or a few years older" to read this!

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