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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Book Review - Filbert, the Good Little Fiend

Filbert, the Good Little Fiend
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About the Book
A little fiend who’s too good for his own good befriends an angel who is too naughty—and together they concoct a clever plan.

Daddy and Mommy Fiend want their little Filbert to be gruesome and ghastly, but he won’t trample or terrify, roar or holler. He’d much rather help an old lady with her bags or go bird-watching. What are they to do with him? When Filbert starts school, he quickly learns that good behavior isn’t tolerated in class, and he is banished outside until he can act like a proper little fiend. Suddenly a little angel appears, flying fast and furious until...bump! Could this naughty Angel-School dropout be just the friend Filbert needs? Could they find a way together to make everyone accept them as they are?

My Take on the Book
This is a beautiful story about accepting differences and loving who we are. It is a story about permitting our internal personalities to blossom and not to change just because others feel we need to fit into a mold for their life.

The authors wrote a sensitive story about common difficulties which dealt with fitting into a mold within our society. In terms a child could understand, they illustrated some problem solving techniques which could lead to acceptance by others in their family and friendship circles.

I enjoyed this story and believe you will find it a source of good conversation with your child.

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