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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Book Review - When Christmas Feels Like Home

When Christmas Feels Like Home
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About the Book
After moving from a small village in Mexico to a town in the United States, Eduardo is sure it will never feel quite like home. The other children don't speak his language and they do not play fĂștbol. His family promises him that he will feel right at home by the time Christmas comes along, when "your words float like clouds from your mouth" and "trees will ride on cars." With whimsical imagery and a sprinkling of Spanish vocabulary, Gretchen Griffith takes readers on a multicultural journey with Eduardo who discovers the United States is not so different from Latin America and home is wherever family is.

My Take on the Book
Gretchen Griffith has written a sensitive and heart warming story about a little boy named Eduardo and the adjustments he had to make as he moved from his village where he spoke Spanish to his new home where he had to learn English.

It is a story about patience and understanding on the part of the adults in his life as Eduardo meets the challenges of meeting new friends, going to a new school, new customs, and learning about his new environment.

I enjoyed seeing Spanish words incorporated into the text. It was also refreshing to read how Eduardo taught his new friends about futbol and his new friends taught him about football.

This is a beautiful book showing how we can accept differences in people and appreciate what they can offer us each day. It is a book about learning not only English for Eduardo but Spanish for his new friends.

Eduardo feels like his new place is "home" when Christmas arrives. You can see the change in him and his family.

I recommend this story as a wonderful family book to share.

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