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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Book Review - What Color is the Wind?

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About the Book
Based on over 40 years of work (and play!) with many thousands of children in the out-of-doors, this book is Ed's inspired collection of wonder, exploration and discovery. A 'feel' guide for parents with young children, What Color Is The Wind? provides simple, backyard activities for four seasons, and along the way, opportunities for parents and children to connect with each other and with the earth.

My Take on the Book
This is a great guide for any parent looking to work on getting their child outside. It is filled with great ideas and resources at engaging children in outdoor activities. What was great was that the book is set up for usability. You can easily take notes or jot down your experiences with the different things within the book itself. I also found that the book is set to be able to give you ideas that can work at almost any time of year. Thus, whether it is summer or winter there are a ton of activities that can easily engage you and your child in fun outdoor activities!

This is the type of book that will provide hours and hours of fun for you and your child, and I for one am having a blast trying all of the things out with my own daughters and believe that you will too!

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