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Friday, October 4, 2013

Book Review - The Music of Zombies

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About the Book
The web of power looks smooth and peaceful — until a new threat looms — in the fifth tale from the Five Kingdoms.

Prince Albion expects a unique occasion when he starts planning Cockenzie Rood Day to celebrate his kingdom — and himself. What he doesn’t expect is boppings on the head and kidnapping, all because a zombie wants to play his fiddle in the talent contest. With a misbehaving path, a romantic bat, and a greedy butler to set them on their way, Gracie Gillypot and Prince Marcus are off on their fifth adventure. It’s up to a Trueheart, a resourceful prince, and Gubble the troll to stop the zombie before he does some giant damage to the Five Kingdoms.

My Take on the Book
I had never read any of the five kingdom books in the past but this did not stop me from enjoining the book in general. In fact, it actually may be more interested  in reading and the other books in the series that I had yet to read!

Now that I have picked up a few of the other books from our local library, I can see that the characters in this book were similar to the ones from the other books in the series. This connection with this makes for a better continuity and greater enjoyment IMHO.

From the front of the book you would not completely guess that it is filled with some great fun and humorous components (or maybe you would). I did not expect that, but loved that it was there!

I also enjoyed the characters with the story as they are well developed and are ones that you can truly feel connected with.

I read this book with my daughter and she also loved it, so we now on reading backwards in the series and are having a great time doing it!

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