Dad of Divas' Reviews: 6 Tips for Saving Money While Preventing Car Problems

Friday, April 30, 2010

6 Tips for Saving Money While Preventing Car Problems

I wanted to introduce you to JustAnswer, a Web site connecting people to thousands of verified Experts in over 100 categories, because it’s the perfect resource for moms and dads that need to avoid finding themselves at odds with their vehicle. Auto Experts on JustAnswer are providing insight to drivers everywhere to help them not only save time and money on car maintenance, but also learn insider secrets about the dreaded auto shop.

Below you’ll find 6 tips that Eric Brock, an auto Expert on JustAnswer, finds himself offering up to JustAnswer users everyday.
1) Spend some quality time with the user’s manual. Getting to know the basics about your vehicle can prevent you from throwing money away on repairs. That knowledge also comes in handy if you’re in an emergency situation and have to do a quick DIY fix. For example, you should know how to check and fill all the fluids in your engine compartment because if you use the wrong transmission fluid, you will end up with a failed transmission that won’t be covered by your warranty.

2) Keep your receipts to keep your warranty intact. Keep a receipt for everything, whether it’s routine maintenance or supplies you bought for a DIY fix. In order for your warranty to cover a mechanical failure, you must keep accurate records to prove you’re not at fault.
3) Update your calendar with the recommended maintenance schedules.
Despite what you may think, recommended maintenance schedules don’t exist just to rip you off. They were created by the engineers who designed your vehicle and can save you tons of money. The number one reason for engine, transmission, transfer case, and rear differential failure is customer neglect.
4) Don’t ignore those warning lights.  Just like with maintenance schedules, warning lights and gauges aren’t there to dupe you. The second most common reason for drive train failure is that drivers ignore warning signs. Paying attention and responding to these warning signals can prevent a hefty garage bill. 5) Increase gas mileage by up to 15%. Maintaining proper tire pressure and changing your air filter and PCV valve every 7,500 miles will increase your gas mileage. You should also check behind your vehicle’s grill to keep the radiator and fan free of debris because that causes higher engine temperatures and poorer gas mileage.

6) Know the truth behind mechanics’ prices – and why they might be worth it. Shops have overhead that must be taken into account in order for them to remain profitable and stay in business. They charge more for parts that can easily be purchased at a parts store because mechanics offer a parts and labor warranty for the work, whereas you only get a parts warranty from a parts store. Typically, a shop must charge 2 to 2.75 times what they pay for a part just to achieve a 1% net profit for the job. The technicians only receive 20-25% of the charged hourly labor rate. So you can either pay less for the part at a parts store or head to the garage for the part plus expert problem diagnosis.


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mona@resumemiracle said...

Mona V. JustAnswer is by far the most unscrupulous company I have ever worked for; please let your customers decide. Have them view my website and post their own commentary under the blog. I am a firm believer of our first amendment right - the expression of free speech. And I would be honored if any member of the media or free press or a normal user / reader would voice their opinion in case I am being to harsh on the company, but once you read all they have done I think you will sympathize with my situation. All I am trying to do is keep my businesses afloat in this severe recession while fighting a large corporate entity / evil.

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