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Saturday, March 16, 2024

Book Review - Here Not There: 100 Unexpected Travel Destinations

Here Not There: 100 Unexpected Travel Destinations

About the Book
Design a truly unique vacation with 100 intriguing alternatives to more predictable, expensive, and overcrowded destinations.

Let’s face it. These days, many of the world’s most beloved places have become expensive and overcrowded, making their celebrated allure that much harder to enjoy. But fear not: Here Not There helps you create a more robust, off-the-beaten-path vacation by revealing 100 alternative destinations to the standard travel playbook—as well as expert tips on when to visit, where to eat, what to see, and where to stay.

In this surprising collection of lively travel itineraries, you’ll find authentic, unexpected, and rewarding destinations of a lifetime to add to your bucket list, including:
  • A trip to Quito, Ecuador, instead of Lima, Peru, for iconic architecture and top-notch South American cuisine.
  • A road trip along West Virginia’s byways instead of New England’s highways for brilliant autumn colors.
  • A romantic rendezvous to Lecce, Italy, instead of mega-touristed Florence for art, wine, and artifacts.
  • A hiking excursion in Chile’s Lake District instead of England’s for an unexpected natural wonder.
  • A theater-infused visit to Cleveland, Ohio, where the performances match the levels of New York City’s Broadway.
  • A tour of Portugal’s Azores, rather than the Hawaiian islands, for flora, fauna, and underwater adventures.
  • A water-filled excursion through New York’s Thousand Islands instead of a cruise down Germany’s Rhine River.
  • A trip to Detroit to find Art Deco skyscrapers (and even a beach in Motown) that rival those of Miami.
Both surprising and inspiring, Here Not There offers readers a chance to think beyond our typical borders and discover undreamed-of destinations.

My Take on the Book
What was great about this book was that the vacations that you are seeing are ones that are off-the-beaten-path and ones you would not typically consider. Too often in some of these large cities, you gravitate to the large and known locations (and you should in some cases), but this book reminds us that there are a ton of hidden gems that are out there that you should find and explore, as they are worth the search! The book is easy to follow, and while you may not visit everything, I know that for me, I find that this book really opened my eyes to places beyond the places that I have visited in the past, and definitely encouraged me to add new places to my list for the next time I visit and I encourage you to do so too!

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