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Monday, November 20, 2023

Book Review - Dear Ruby, Hear Our Hearts


About the Book

In Dear Ruby, Hear Our Hearts National civil rights activist and icon Ruby Bridges responds to letters from thoughtful and concerned young students from across America.

"I've heard their hearts and now share those hearts with you. These pages truly speak to the power of children!" -- Ruby Bridges

Ruby Bridges was the first Black child to attend an all-white elementary school in New Orleans. She established the Ruby Bridges Foundation to promote tolerance and to create change through education. She traveled across the US, listening to the inspiring voices of young children.

Dear Ruby, Hear Our Hearts is a compilation of letters from concerned young students about today's issues, including bullying, climate change, gun violence, and racism. Reading Ruby's intuitive and inspirational responses, young readers will embrace the courage to be brave, bold, and confident.

Dear Ruby,

My name is Olivia. Thank you for sharing your story. It made me want to be brave and stand up to make a change. You showed me to not give up when something is unfair. You can make it change, no matter what. I bet you were scared just like me. You said that if someone or something is putting you down, you get back up.

My heart heard that, and I am trying to be more like you.



My dearest Olivia,

I am so pleased you wrote to me, especially about standing up. I know all too well how scary it can be to stand up for yourself or even others. Just know it takes a courageous and brave person to stand up, even if you are afraid. It happens to us all!

I am proud of you,

Ruby Bridges

The students' letters and Ruby's responses are powerfully illustrated with dynamic and thought-provoking artwork by John Jay Cabuay.

My Take on the Book
The thing that I love about this book is that through every letter that Ruby Bridges answers she is touching on real concerns that are impacting kids and society as a whole. I can see so many kids connecting with what Ruby is sharing and I know that this book, while short could have gone on for many more pages, as I know that Ruby gets even more mail than this. 

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