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Monday, May 1, 2023

Book Review - Leading With Questions

Leading With Questions

About the Book

In Leading With Questions you get a unique and powerful strategy for leading others

In this newly revised third edition of Leading with Questions, renowned global leadership consultants Michael Marquardt and Bob Tiede describe how to ask powerful questions that generate short-term and long-term results and success. They show you how effective leaders use questions to encourage participation and teamwork, foster creative thinking, empower others, create relationships with customers, and solve problems.

The authors offer step-by-step guidance on the process of learning the art of questioning and techniques―like active listening and follow-ups – you can use in myriad situations with individuals, teams, and entire organizations. You’ll also find:

  • The most recent research on how questions change people and companies for the better
  • Interviews with over 40 world-leading executives and managers from a wide variety of industries and regions
  • Concrete, hands-on strategies for generating short-term results and long-term change with questions

Perfect for managers, executives, and other business leaders, Leading with Questions will earn a place on the bookshelves of anyone interested in better engaging with and leading others.

My Take on the Book

This book offers amazing examples of how you can use questions to be the best leader you can be. What I loved was that the book is filled with tons of examples from many leaders that will help you think about and work on how to better solve problems, be more creative, create stronger teams, and draw your team closer together. The authors spell out the overall benefits that using questions can offer you as a leader. Even if you have never done this before the authors really do spell out a plan for how you can start right away. The authors also bring forth some of the most powerful questions that you can ask. I know that for me, this book really made me think deeper about the questions that I do, or do not ask. For me, this was a great book that will definitely help you to become a stronger leader that will help lead your team in a much better way!

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